Top Professional

Growing up in his parent’s photography business, JT began photographing early in life. By age 16, JT was considered the youngest professional photographer in the United States, photographing well over 20,000 families by age 21.

At age 21, JT began his school photography company. His reputation grew quickly amongst schools and parents because of his ability to get practically every student smiling, along with his extremely low retake rate, JT Studios quickly gained a reputation as one of the best school photographers in the NW which he still enjoys today.

Simple Philosophies:

After 27 years, JT insists on:

  • Keeping his business small enough that he is able to personally photograph every student as if they were his own kid, assuring the very best expressions for his families. No matter what package students choose or can afford, his quality and attention to detail are always consistent.
  • Keeping his business large enough to provide all that his customers may require.
  • Going to any length to make sure his customers are happy. He is not motivated from a business model as much as he is by his personal goal of capturing a photo that students will want to someday show their grandkids. (JT has a very loyal following and still photographs most of the schools he started with back in the 1980’s.)


JT mentors new business owners and is fond of saying “Don’t worry about success, just make your
customers happy.” It has worked for JT for 30 years.