The 5 things you can always depend on from JT Studios:

1) Great smiles

2) Stress-free picture day

3) Fast picture delivery

4) Satisfied parents

5) No cost to school

1) Great smiles
We strive to capture a great smile for every kid. We create a fun and inviting atmosphere to help draw out natural smiles. Your parents will appreciate the extra effort and your students will be proud of their photos. JT insists on photographing every student to assure that we bring out the best expressions ineveryone.
2) Stress-free picture day
JT has created a state of the art mobile studio system. This eliminates the need for you to find a room at your school to photograph in and shuffling and disrupting class. JT and team creates a fun environment and whether a kindergartener or a high school senior, all students love to have their photo taken in the picture bus. Your parents will love our work. We GUARANTEE it.
3) Dependable picture delivery
You student’s picture packages are back to the you within 3 weeks, most times earlier. That delivery will also include most late orders that may straggle in to us.
4) Very happy parents
Besides our dedication to quality of our product, every member of our team loves what we do. We see each student and parent as an individual customer and we take care of any issue by simply fixing the problem immediately. If we know about it, we solve it. No arguing, no nickel & diming, we just fix it. We insist on 100% satisfied customers.5) No cost to schools
Here at JT Studios, Our philosophy is to treat your school with the same personal care and attention we provided to the schools our own children attended. So if at all possible, we don’t like to charge our schools anything. We provide all service items your school may need at hardly ever a charge.

Portland Public Schools, Oregon Public Schools, top private Christian & Catholic schools around the state, plus some of Oregon’s finest Preschools facilities.

Let us show you how much better Picture Day can be for you, your staff, and your families. JT Studios has been providing quality school portraits since 1992.

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